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Debug over XCP Master

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Implementation of the ASAM standard AE MCD-1 XCP SW-Debug in winIDEA


Supported Measurement and Calibration Hardware and Software


Additional notes



winIDEA is an XCP Master running on the host computer. Instead of sending low-level debug commands directly to the target, winIDEA encapsulates those in the form of XCP commands which are send to the XCP Slave on the Plug-on-Device (POD) for further processing.​

The debugger software supports almost all winIDEA features provided in a similar winIDEA/BlueBox configuration such as debug, flash, on-chip trace etc.





Implementation of the ASAM standard AE MCD-1 XCP SW-Debug in winIDEA

The new standard (released Nov 2017) defines the concurrent use of both measurement/calibration software and debugger software through a common target hardware interface. The latter is provided as a  POD by the measurement/calibration (MC) tool vendor (or from any provider that implements an XCP Slave according to the standard). ​

The POD connects via a debug interface (e.g., DAP, JTAG) to the target ECU. The communication between host computer and POD is performed via XCP over Ethernet. ​ An XCP Slave running on the POD is scheduling the concurrent use of both worlds, measurement/calibration and debugging. ​




Licensed within the standard winIDEA using an USB dongle (based on a subscription business model)

Supported on Infineon AURIX TC2xx, TC3xx and PowerArchitecture MPC5xxx devices



Supported Measurement and Calibration Hardware and Software

Vector: VX1000​, CANape, CANoe


dSPACE: GSI2, Calibration and Bypassing Service





Communication option is not used when XCP is used for debugging.



Open Hardware / Debugger Hardware / Hardware Type and select XCP.




Click on the Configure button and edit...

Transport - TCP/IP only.

KeyQueryDLL - Response key for the protection handling. - Not implemented.

UseBulkAccessIfAvailable - Not implemented.

Connect Mode - Vendor specific.

Vector - 2


TCP/IP Port - The VX POD TCP/IP port which match to VXconfig port setting. Vendor specific setting:

Vector - 5555

dSAPCE - 8671

ETAS - 1802

TCP/IP Server - The VX POD TCP/IP address. Must match to VXConfig address setting.





Additional notes

Debug connection between VX POD and the target must be stable (DAP clock not too high, target CPU is powered and not in permanent reset,...)

TCP/IP connection to the VX POD must be stable. In case of communication problems, avoid Ethernet switches and connect directly to the  PC where winIDEA is running.

Firmware on VX POD must support Debug over XCP.


Vector specific

VX1000 shares internal resources between ports 5555 and 5556 (VXconfig port). This means there can be only one connection to (5555 xor 5556). It's recommend to:

1. Use VXconfig when no XCP Master is connected (Canape or winIDEA)

2. Connect Canape or any other DAQ tool on port 5555

3. Connect winIDEA on port 5554 to allow operation in parallel.


In VXconfig you can configure two XCP slave ports:





XCP commands can be logged in winIDEA.

1. Open Help / Support / Log.

2. Check option 19 (XCP).

3. Press on the Clear button.

4. Press on the Open button.



This is how the debug entry looks:

I 013 XCPImpl: XCP: ..................

I 013 XCPImpl: XCP: Attach to debugger

I 013 XCPImpl: XCP: CMD CONNECT, Connect Mode : 2


I 013 XCPImpl: XCP: - FlashProgramming ind: ff , mode: 0

I 013 XCPImpl: XCP: - TRST ind: 6 , mode: 2

I 013 XCPImpl: XCP: Command mode: ASAM

I 013 XCPImpl: XCP: Connected

I 013 XCPImpl: XCP: ..................

I 003 C_XXX[0:CPU0]: TargetReset

I 003 C_XXX[0:CPU0]: SetDebugStatus: TRESET

I 01C C_MCU[0:CPU0]: Start of Emulation

I 003 C_XXX[0:CPU0]: SetDebugStatus: STOP

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