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Version: 9.21.246

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License is stored in the BlueBox

Updating the BlueBox license

License is acquired from TASKING License Manager (TLM)

Requesting INIT string

Programming INIT string



Every new BlueBox in conjunction with winIDEA operates in an evaluation period with all its functionality temporarily enabled for 10 days from the first time of use. A valid winIDEA license includes:

One year of technical support

One year of upgrades and new versions



License Serial number is provided in the BlueBox package, which you have received along with other items of your purchase.


For more information about licensing, Licensing Editions, Licensing Model and renewal, refer to Licensing Policy or



License is stored in the BlueBox

Select Use hardware based license. If the BlueBox is connected, its license will be read and displayed.





Updating the BlueBox license

If you have recently purchased a license upgrade, you can update the BlueBox's license by clicking Update License. For this to succeed, the PC running winIDEA must have access to the internet.

If the online update isn't available, use the Request and program INIT string procedure.



License is acquired from TASKING License Manager (TLM)

Select Use TASKING License Manager.




In the Edition field select the Edition - winIDEA will attempt to acquire license of this type when starting a session.


After you obtained a TASKING License Manager (TLM),  you can either: it in a file inside winIDEA's folder, or another applicable location - see TASKING License Managament,

b.paste the license into the dialog directly.



Requesting INIT string


Request INIT string via Tools / License / Request INIT.




License dialog for winIDEA version and older is located under Hardware / License.



Type in the License Serial number.




Complete the registration data.




Verify the e-mail method the INIT string request.

The Wizard will automatically create an email in your outbox and attach a file containing the INIT string request.




If you have problems sending out the request within winIDEA by email, press Create request file to create a text file and send the generated file LICENSE.ILR in a separate email to



Programming INIT string

The INIT string and registration information via be send via email.



Copy the INIT string to the clipboard.



Start winIDEA with the BlueBox attached and powered.



Open the Tools  / License.



Press Paste INIT. The INIT string is automatically pasted from the clipboard into the dialog box.



Press Program and then confirm with Yes.

A message appears after the license was programmed successfully. The License tab now displays the programmed license information.




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