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winIDEA Help

Version: 9.21.174

INIT String Request

It is presumed that winIDEA is already installed, the BlueBox is physically connected to the power supply and to the PC via the Ethernet or the USB cable, and BlueBox is connected with winIDEA.


hmtoggle_arrow0 Need help with the Hardware Configuration?
hmtoggle_arrow0 Need help with winIDEA Configuration?




Request Init string via Tools / License / Request INIT.

License dialog for winIDEA version and older is located under Hardware menu / License.







Type in the License Serial number.

You received the License Serial number along with other items in the BlueBox package.






Complete the registration data.





Verify the e-mail method the INIT string request.

The Wizard will automatically create an email in your outbox and attach a file containing the INIT string request.

hmtoggle_arrow0 If you have problems sending out the request within winIDEA by email, press Create request file to create a text file and send the generated file LICENSE.ILR in a separate email






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