When working with iSYSTEM BlueBox and iSYSTEM winIDEA software, all licenses (winIDEA 1st year, Perpetual and Enterprise license) and activation keys (to enable features such as debug, trace, multi-core, etc.) are either stored inside iSYSTEM BlueBox Hardware or inside iSYSTEM Active Probe (activation keys only). This enables you

  • moving iSYSTEM BlueBox hardware from one workspace PC with winIDEA software installed to another PC
  • access to iSYSTEM BlueBox hardware via Ethernet from any PC with winIDEA software installed.

When a third-party debugger hardware is used in conjunction with winIDEA, the corresponding license is stored on iSYSTEM USB License dongle, which must be plugged into the PC where winIDEA is running. Not all third-party hardware requires iSYSTEM USB License dongle.

10 Days Initial License

Every new iSYSTEM BlueBox in conjunction with winIDEA operates in an evaluation period without any restrictions for 10 days from the first time of use. During this time, the user must license the BlueBox for operation with winIDEA or the system will cease to work after 10 days. Read more on the INIT string request procedure

Perpetual License

  • Purchase iSYSTEM Hardware
  • Purchase microcontroller family specific activation keys
  • Activate the license and keys by initiating an INIT String Request
  • 1 Year Standard Technical Support Phone/Email/Web included
  • Extension possible after 1st Year
  • Maintenance Agreements are possible
  • System still operational without extending maintenance

A perpetual license includes new winIDEA releases and technical support for 1 year. After the license has expired, all winIDEA releases published prior to the license expiration date can be used indefinitely, however, you are no longer entitled to iSYSTEM technical support.

Activation keys

Activation keys for product functionalities such as

  • Specific architecture debugging
  • Multi-core debugging
  • Tracing ...

They are pre-programmed by iSYSTEM according to the purchasing order. Additional activation keys can be purchased and added later. All activation keys are a onetime purchase and do not expire.

License Extension / License Renewal

Once the initial winIDEA license expires (typically after 12 months), the user can extend the winIDEA license. A valid winIDEA license includes new software releases and technical support. If the BlueBox stays licensed without interruptions since the initial licensing, a valid license also includes hardware maintenance. If the license has expired longer than two months, a license renewal applies. Both, an extension, and a renewal can be requested by email to

Maintenance Agreement

Maintenance includes a winIDEA software license and hardware maintenance, which entitles the user to make use of the iSYSTEM technical support and includes up front hardware replacement for devices not older than 5 years, if something should go wrong. BlueBoxes and Active Probes older than 5 years qualify for free repair. Maintenance is tied to a specific BlueBox or Active Probe serial number.

The iSYSTEM Maintenance Agreement enables bulking many systems into a single agreement. Advantages of a Maintenance Agreement:

  • One expiration date for all bulked systems
  • Overview of all systems under maintenance at a single glance
  • Reminder from iSYSTEM when contract expires
  • Less effort in renewing the maintenance
  • Easy adding of all newly purchased systems
  • Attractive Pricing

Enterprise License

iSYSTEM Enterprise license defines subscription model as a possibility to “rent” iSYSTEM software for a definite period of time running on a BlueBox hardware. You own the hardware and rent the software for a yearly license fee. iSYSTEM provides different types of Enterprise licenses:

  • Enterprise: supporting standard debug, multi-core, flash, API, and scripting
  • Enterprise + Analyzer: Enterpise + hardware trace support enabling, e.g., timing and code coverage analysis
  • Enterprise + Security: Enterprise + Secure flash and debug
  • Enterprise + Analyzer + Security: Covers all use cases above
  • Enterprise CI: Dedicated to run iSYSTEM tools in a CI/CD context. SDK operating mode only (winIDEA GUI to configure a single system)
  • Enterprise/no iSYSTEM hardware: An USB Dongle hosts the enterprise license for a dedicated iSYSTEM software product. For instance, Debug over XCP, Synopsys VDK or Silver, etc.


  • Purchase iSYSTEM Hardware
  • Activate the license by initiating an INIT String Request
  • Yearly license required, discount per volume in subsequent years
  • Support for all controllers currently supported by iSYSTEM winIDEA 9.21
  • Support for all software features currently supported by iSYSTEM winIDEA 9.21 depending on the type of subscription license (Enterprise Basic, Enterprise Advanced, Enterprise CI)
  • Technical Support and Software/Hardware Maintenance included
  • System stops working after license has expired

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