When working with winIDEA software a valid license is required. Besides winIDEA operation, a valid license includes full Software Maintenance, entitling the user to:

  • Free software updates - including new functionalities and new device support
  • Online Technical Support

If a TASKING BlueBox debugger is used, the license can be stored in it. This allows:

  • simply moving BlueBox hardware from one desk to another and
  • access to the BlueBox hardware via Ethernet from any PC with winIDEA software installed.

Alternatively, the TASKING License Manager (TLM) can be used. This allows:

The TASKING License Manager (TLM) allows usage of PC node-locked or floating licenses.


winIDEA Editions

  • Standard - provides fundamental debug functionality
  • Pro - adds security, safety, real-time analysis, and synchronization functionality
  • Test - full functionality for headless/automated operation (interactive usage not supported)

winIDEA vECU Editions are used with virtual ECU simulators and provide the same levels of functionality.

  • vECU Standard
  • vECU Pro
  • vECU Test

Editions Details

  Standard Pro Test
IDE support:
  • winIDEA
  • Eclipse
  • Visual Studio Code
Supports hardware debuggers:
  • Infineon miniWiggler
  • Renesas E2
  • ST ST-Link
  • P&E micro
Supports virtual ECUs:
  • Synopsys VDK, Silver
  • ETAS
  • QEMU
Program Download (FLASH programming)      
Multi-core support      
Low-level debug:
  • Memory views
  • SFR views
  • Assembly debugging
  • Execution breakpoints
  • On-Chip hardware breakpoints
  • SoC-specific views
  • Core-specific views
High-level debug:
  • Watch views
  • Locals view
  • Call stack view
  • Source-level debugging for C, C++, Rust, …
  • OS-aware views
  • Symbols view
XCP server      
winIDEA SDK for Python, Java, C#, C+      
testIDEA unit testing      
daqIDEA data acquisition & visualization      
Real-time analysis:
  • Trace
  • Performance profiling
  • OS profiling
  • Structural coverage
  • BTF, CTC, etc. exports
Network support:
  • CAN, LIN, Digital, Analog
  • Monitoring
  • Trace capture
  • Injection
Sampling profiling      
Secure core debugging      
Program image checker      
AURIX UCB checker      
Multi Soc Synchronization      


License Model

Perpetual License (PL)

  • 1 Year Software Maintenance
  • System remains operational without extending the license
  • Software Maintenance can be renewed before expiry. This provides continued access to new Software updates and Technical Support.

Note: After the Software Maintenance of the Perpetual License license expires, all winIDEA releases published before the license expiration date can be used indefinitely, however, you are no longer entitled to TASKING technical support.

Time-Based License (TBL)

  • 1 Year Software Maintenance
  • System stops working after the license has expired​

Note: After the license has expired, winIDEA cannot be used anymore.


License Renewal

Once the initial winIDEA license expires (typically after 12 months), you can renew it. A valid winIDEA license includes full Software Maintenance. If the license has expired longer than two months, a license rejoining applies. Both, a renewal and a rejoin can be requested by email to