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Version: 9.21.253

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Context menu




Folder window gives quick access to files in the workspace folder and any external folders. To open the Folder window select View | Workspace | Project or click the Folder button folder-button in the Debug Toolbar.






File - Listed folders and files.

Modified - Displays when the file was last modified.

Size - File size.

Type - File type.



Context menu

By right-clicking in the Folder window context menu opens with several additional commands.




Open - Open selected file in the Editor.

Open Containing Folder - Open selected folder / file in the File explorer.

Add External Folder - Add additional folders / files

Insert File into Project - Insert selected file into the Project window  files.

Sort Folder - If enabled folders are included in the sorting operation.

Properties - Open file / folder properties.

Options - Configure colors and fonts.

Hide - Close the Folder window.

Find in Files - Select a single folder and right click to open the Find in Files dialog.


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