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winIDEA Help

Version: 9.21.253

Navigation: Debugging > Windows

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Output Windows

The Output windows are scrollable, terminal style windows that show raw or filtered output emitted by external tools spawned by winIDEA.



Find in Files






When a compiler (e.g., Build Manager) processes a project file or links the project it creates a child process with redirected standard handles (STDOUT and STDERR). The child process runs in a hidden window. Any captured output is displayed in the output windows after the process ends.



Search in the Output windows

Output windows allows you to search for strings via the Find window.




Colors and Fonts dialog allows customization of fonts or colors-schemes for easier navigation. It is opened:

By right-clicking in the window and selecting Options from the context menu or

Selecting Tools | Options | Colors and Fonts.


You can customize colors and fonts for:

Output windows

Disassembly Window

Memory Window

Terminal Window

View (proportional): Special Function Register (SFR) Window, Project, Symbols, Plugins, RTOS, Callstack Window

View (fixed): Watches and Locals Window






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