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Option Bytes

This is a SoC plugin which provides a dialog for editing device-specific Option Bytes. Option Bytes are a part of the device's Flash memory that control the behavior of various built-in peripherals on the SoC. Their meaning is described in the User's Manual of the specific device.


Supported architectures

RH850 G3 (third generation) devices


The dialog can be opened by selecting View menu | [<device>] RH850 | Edit Option Bytes.





When the dialog is opened, it will show the current Option Byte values. You can make the desired changes and click the Apply button, which will then become enabled, to program them into the Flash memory.


Please consult the User's Manual of the specific device you are using for the meaning of each OPBT value.



Setting the Option Bytes incorrectly can lock your device! Always double-check the values before applying them.


After the changes are applied, the dialog will be updated with values read back from the SoC. The new values will take effect the next time the device is reset.

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