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winIDEA Help

Version: 9.21.239

Source Control

This chapter describes how to configure Source Control settings.



Configure Source Control Settings

Open File / Source Control / Settings in order to set up Source Control.


In dialog Source Control Settings in the drop-down menu are four Supported source control systems:

Microsoft Visual Source Safe - To use Microsoft Visual Source Safe install the software and configure system-specific settings.

Merant Version Manager - To use Merant Version Manager install the software and configure system-specific settings.

SCCI Providers  - To use source control system from a SCCI provider, install the software.

Subversion - Subversion source control functionality is implemented via TortoiseSVN.


Select the source control options to control the source control operation. To disable Source Control System select (none).





Minimal required files to download to source control are.xjrf, .xqrf, source file (.c, .h. etc.), linker files, etc.  Generated files (.elf, .o / .out) should not be included.

In order to use Subversion from the winIDEA it has to be first enabled in the File / Source Control / Settings. In order for source control to work, download and install the latest TortoiseSVN. Command line client (offered during the installation) is necessary.

SVN controls are now available through File / Source Control menu.




Files in the Project Workspace tree are marked with blue ticks if they are unchanged and with red ticks if they contain changes. For SVN manipulation of specific files select the files from the tree and open the context menu. Depending on whether the file was changed or not the context menu will offer appropriate SVN commands:


SVN Commands on an unchanged file

SVN Commands on a changed file


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