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Version: 9.21.239

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Set a Conditional Breakpoint on the Xth pass

In this tutorial, you will learn:

how to set an execution breakpoint,

apply conditions based on pass count and expressions, and

utilize optional features like displaying message boxes.



winIDEA checks the condition (Pass count and/or Expression) every time a breakpoint is hit. If the condition evaluates to:

False, the application will immediately run again

True, the execution will remain stopped at the breakpoint, it will count as one more pass.



Set a breakpoint.



Open Debug / Breakpoints.



Check the Enable box in the Condition section.



Set the Pass count and optionally define Expression.

You can display message box when a conditional breakpoint hits.



(optional) Add the Expression to Watches and enable Real time.

You can observe the value changing.



Run the application.

winIDEA will show              RUNNING              Debug Status in the bottom right corner.





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