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Version: 9.21.246

Manage a large number of SFRs

In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

manage a large number of SFRs via a custom SFR window, and

monitor specific SFRs through the Watch window.


Custom SFR window enables you to have separation between several logical blocks within the SoC and can help you to observe how different peripherals interact with each other. For example, you can investigate why SPI communication is not as performant as expected and observe the configuration of the clocking system, SPI peripherals and possibly a DMA. Since it is possible to configure several custom SFRs, you can observe all those peripherals in parallel.



Select View / Debug / SFRs / New Custom SFR and give it a meaningful name.




Drag and drop a SFR group from the main SFR window.




Drag and drop a standalone SFR from the main SFR window.




Drag and drop a sub-register SFR from the main SFR window.





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