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Version: 9.21.246

Observe items in Real-time in the Watch window

In this tutorial, you will watch the content of variables and detect changes, visualize data contents, and modify format types.


Watch Window is a powerful tool that enables you to observe, interpret and format variables, arrays, structures, memory locations and registers etc. Watch items are updated when the CPU is stopped to reduce the load on the internal CPU bus system. You can also view the items in Real-time.

Note that Real-time access can impact real-time performance of the application code and depends on the MCU debug interface performance. The changed value in real-time is marked red. The feature is highly dependent on the target’s CPUs debug hardware and the speed of the debug interface which may be stealing read/write access from the microcontroller internal bus system. The more items in the watch list, more likely the application execution runtime will be affected.  



Observe items in Real-time

You can view values of variables, memory addresses, registers etc. as the core is running.



Drag and drop items from Editor / SFR window / Locals / Core Registers.





Enable Real-time update via the toolbar.



Run the application.




If you are observing a large array and are only interested in some portion of its elements, you can filter the array by right clicking on it and navigating to Format / Set Array Offset.



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