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Version: 9.21.246

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Installing latest Verified build

Installing specific version - Hot fix build

Headless / hidden mode




Docker provides a powerful and flexible platform for building and deploying applications on Linux. It offers a range of benefits, including portability, isolation, efficiency, consistency, and security, which can help to streamline the development and deployment process and improve the overall quality of your applications. It is recommended to use it for multiple versions installed in parallel.


You can install BlueBox tools on Linux for Verified builds (monthly) and Hot fix builds (weekly). The difference between it is explained in winIDEA Release Notes.



Installing latest Verified build


Create Docker on local Linux machine.


Linux host

Installed and configured Docker engine (follow the instructions from



Get the shell script with executable permissions.

curl > docker-winidea
chmod +x docker-winidea


It is recommended to put the script into $HOME/bin or /usr/local/bin to be called globally (defined by environment variable $PATH).



Create a directory which will be docker home directory.


mkdir $HOME/dwinidea
cd $HOME/dwinidea


Docker container is created from the current working directory which is used as its home directory. In case of different directory use the command line switch --home=<path> to use another directory without spaces (it will be created automatically if it does not exist).



Import the image from the server.

docker-winidea import



Run winIDEA.

docker-winidea run



Installing specific version - Hot fix build

Link to Hot fix build winIDEA package is provided by the Technical support.



Create Docker on local Linux machine.

Append the command line argument with the version to get this specific release.

docker-winidea import --version=<version>



Run winIDEA.

docker-winidea run --version=<version>



Headless / hidden mode

To run winIDEA without showing GUI append the command line switch --nox.

docker-winidea run --version=<version> --nox


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