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Aerospace & Transport

Debug, Flash, and Software Analysis Tool in certification

Within the fields of aerospace and transportation, the embedded systems we develop are responsible for ensuring the safety of large numbers of the public as passengers as well as drivers or pilots, crew, and staff, daily. It is in these fields, and especially so in aerospace, that functional safety has been lived and breathed for decades.

Proving code quality is, quite simply, a must in aerospace applications. With perhaps the most demanding and stringent regulations and safety requirements of any industry, iSYSTEM tools have been used in many avionics projects fulfilling the requirements of DO-330, a dedicated tool qualification document included within the DO-178C.

iSYSTEM supports customers worldwide on applications as diverse as propulsion systems, landing gear, lighting, and navigation.

Debug with winIDEA IDE and BlueBox

Rail Transportation is another industry that benefits from the test and development features that winIDEA and testIDEA offer. To fulfil the demands of EN 50128, test harnesses built around our BlueBox technology can be used to undertake safety-relevant software testing. Model-Based Testing can even be used to execute in-depth black box tests on the target application through the use of our isystem.connect SDK, allowing code coverage to be collected, and test results to be collated against the test specification. The SDK also makes it possible to analyze the state of a microcontroller's internal variables, even going as far as being able to inject data into registers to test a system's ability to detect faults and failures.


If you are looking to deliver safe home appliances more efficiently, why not draw upon our team's extensive experience in this field to get you ahead of the competition – you'll be glad you did.

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