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Debug and Flash

With iSYSTEM tools you can Develop, Debug, Flash and Test an automotive application. However, in the automotive space, complex is no longer a strong enough word to describe the challenges that lay ahead.

Even when disregarding the moves toward autonomous vehicles, the highly networked and interlinked ECUs (Electronic Control Unit) that form the bedrock of all forms of transportation, will, on their own, provide enough challenges in the years ahead.

Debug with winIDEA IDE and BlueBox

Performing Timing Analysis

One area where iSYSTEM is often called in to provide advice and support is Timing Analysis. To fulfil the functional safety reporting demands of an ASIL C or D ECU application, it must be shown that the processor has enough spare performance available under all possible circumstances. Bearing in mind that the microcontroller at the heart of the ECU may be interrupted at any time by a variety of input signals or network communications, this can be very challenging.

How to get the data out of a processor/controller?

Many production microcontrollers do not have the necessary program and data trace implementation required to extract such information for testing. iSYSTEM can help here by providing advice on the availability of Emulation Adapters that host an appropriate device with a higher pin count whilst providing access to the required trace information. Even with this interface, there still may not be enough bandwidth available via this interface to gather all the required data.

AUTOSAR Core Partnerships insure highest possible integration

Our technical team works closely with customers and AUTOSAR vendors, such as Elektrobit, ETAS and Vector, and can thus offer support on instrumentation techniques which, in conjunction with trace data and optimal configuration of the trace module, can garner the necessary information.

Finally, partners, such as Timing Architects/Vector, Luxsoft and INCHRON, can use such data in their environments to analyze the current state and calculate improvements that could result in timing constraints being met.

ISYSTEM's winIDEA and On-Chip Software Analyzer hardware

iSYSTEM is leading the way to ensure that our hardware and software solutions will continue to deliver the insights engineers need for both AUTOSAR Classic and Adaptive applications. Furthermore, with the growth of multi-core SoCs in the automotive space and the use of hypervisors, we are continuing to invest in research to understand how best to support such architectures with our development ecosystem.

The iSYSTEM BlueBox hardware offers to connect clever accessories that gather vehicle network data, splicing them together with CPU trace data, providing advanced timing awareness even across multiple ECUs. This coupled with our isystem.connect SDK are used daily to develop advanced development platforms and test-benches in laboratories across the world.

If you are looking to deliver safe automotive applications more efficiently, why not draw upon our team's extensive experience in this field to get you ahead of the competition – you'll be glad you did.

Non-intrusive development and testing of embedded software

Such applications require special debug and software development support due to the high voltages and currents flowing in their circuitry and the need to start-up and shut-down the functionality in a clean manner so as not to damage any of the expensive power circuitry. Innovative program and data trace features enable users of winIDEA to track program execution without impacting the execution of the application code or disturbing the delicately timed peripherals performing the power-stage control.

Development of Sensor Fusion systems also requires analysis of data flow through the software which can be supported by intelligent trace capture.

Delicate timing and the ordering of data capture can be collected without impact to the system being developed, allowing post-capture analysis of complex multiple time-domain issues.

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