Ambiq Micro Apollo Microcontrollers

Featuring ultra-low power consumption of down to 10µA/MHz, sleep currents of under 150nA, and low-leakage SRAM, Ambiq Micro's Apollo series of microcontrollers are ideal for battery-powered applications in IoT, wearable electronics, wireless sensors, and consumer applications.

And it isn't just in the low-power modes where these devices score; leveraging their proprietary Subthreshold Power Optimized Technology (SPOT) Platform, these Cortex-M4F powered controllers set new benchmarks in low-power in active mode as well. As a result, these devices are suitable for applications undertaking complex context detection, gesture recognition, and activity monitoring for weeks, months, or even years, delivering unprecedented battery life.

BlueBox On-Chip Analyzers compliment the Apollo family with their IOM Accessories, available for a range of BlueBox products. To power optimize your application our power measurement board, coupled with the analog front-end of the IOM2 or IOM5, enables the developer to see at what point in the application's execution the current consumption exceeds the desired level. On top, our support for the Instrumentation Trace Macrocell (ITM) allows debug messages to be passed to the winIDEA Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for deeper insights, either when using an RTOS or a bare metal application.

Finally, you'll always have confidence in the code you have developed by utilizing testIDEA. Even though the Apollo devices do not feature a hardware trace interface, our "slow run" feature still makes it possible to capture program trace information to deliver code coverage on unit tests for your application code.

CoreSight™ Feature Description   Apollo     Apollo 2   Apollo EVB
iC5000 iC5700
DWT (Data Watchpoint and Trace) Hardware comparators for program counter
and data watchpoints
FPB (Flash Patch Breakpoint) Implements hardware breakpoints
ITM (Instrumentation Trace Macrocell) Supports printf style debugging, trace of
RTOS events and output of diagnostic system
SWO (Serial Wire Output) Single-pin output for ITM trace messages
TPIU (Trace Port Interface Unit) Bridge between on-chip trace data and SWO interface.
SWD (Serial Wire Debug) Two-wire CoreSight™ interface used for debugging
and debug configuration.


Supported Mcus

AMAPH1KK, Ambiq, Apollo, APOLLO2_1024xxx, APOLLO256xxx, APOLLO512xxx