Cypress Semiconductor Microcontrollers

With their broad portfolio of low-power to high-performance microcontrollers, Cypress offers solutions for almost every market, from white goods and consumer products to automotive. iSYSTEM is happy to support the ARM® Cortex®-based devices in their portfolio, offering the deep insights our development tools offer to their community of developers.


With a focus on automotive body electronics, the Traveo™ II features both an ARM® Cortex®-M4 and Cortex®-M0+ core with up to 8MB of on-chip flash memory. To support in-vehicle networking, the family is also fitted with CAN-FD and FlexRay, and is supported by an AUTOSAR 4.2 software package.

The original Traveo™ family, with its single and dual-core ARM® Cortex®-R5F processor, has been targeted to the needs of body control and gateway applications, instrument clusters, head-up displays and vehicle motor control. With up to 4MB of on-chip flash, these devices also feature CAN-FD, Ethernet AVB, Media LB interface for MOST and, for the next generation of instrument clusters, a 3D graphics engine.

FM Portfolio

Covering low-power with the FM0+, to robust 5.0V perfomance with the FM3, and floating-point support and 2D graphics with the FM4, the FM portfolio of microcontrollers provides a family that can adapt and change to meet the different needs of the embedded engineer's technical requirements as projects develop and expectations increase.

Functional Safety is also considered in the FM4 family, with low voltage detection, a memory protection unit and programmable emergency stop for motor control all built in. The performance of FM3 microcontrollers is improved by the inclusion of flash accelerator, enabling zero-wait-state operation at up to 144MHz, whilst the FM0+ series offer multiple serial interfaces and up to 64kB of RAM.

PSoC® Microcontrollers

Long known for their flexibility and configurable analog and digital blocks, the PSoC® 4, PSoC® 5LP and PSoC® 6 devices are supported by the iSYSTEM development environment. The software package PSoC Creator is still required to configure the programmable elements, but once the configuration is complete, development can transition to the iSYSTEM development environment with the advantages in profiling and testing it offers.

Family Processor Core iC5000 iC5700
PSoC 4 M0 / M0+
PSoC 5 M3
PSoC 6 M4 / M0+
Traveo R5F
Traveo II M4 / M0+
FM0+ M0+
FM3 M3
FM4 M4

Supported Mcus

Cypress, Fujitsu

Supported Mcus

Cypress, Fujitsu