Dialog Semiconductor SmartBond™ BLE Solutions

Low-power and highly integrated, the SmartBond™ family of ARM Cortex-M0 Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) solutions enable a wide range of wearable and portable applications. Featuring devices with both external and on-chip flash memory, the devices are targeted and battery-powered applications such as Bluetooth beacons, fitness trackers, voice and gesture recognition solutions and connected medical devices. Despite the limited debug feature-set of the Cortex-M0 core, offering a handful of breakpoints and watchpoints, winIDEA can still help the developer with its graphing of variables in quasi real-time. And, when it comes to software testing, testIDEA can leverage the 'slow run' feature to enable code coverage. The Dialog Semiconductor Development Kits featuring an on-board J-Link debug interface can also be used with our free development IDE, winIDEA Open.

Family Core


iC5000 iC5700 iC6000
DA145xx Cortex-M0
DA146xx Cortex-M0

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