Hilscher netX Network Controllers

With their heritage in communication solutions and automation, Hilscher is well known in the area of networked industrial systems. There core competence revolves around ASIC technologies for fieldbus and Real-Time Ethernet networks in the field of modern factory automation.

Network Controllers

Diversity and flexibility are delivered by Hilscher's family of netX Network Controllers, featuring ARM® 966E-S and 926EJ-S cores. Regardless of whether you are trying to develop drive controls, or complex visualization and communication platforms for industrial spaces, these controllers pack fieldbus and Real-Time Ethernet into the smallest space possible. The netX 90 Multiprotocol SoC features one ARM® Cortex®-M4 together with a Cortex®-M4F core, compressed into a 10 x 10 mm package, and includes on-chip flash, analog and integrated PHYs.


iSYSTEM - Enabling Safer Embedded Systems

BlueBox technology from iSYSTEM is ideally suited to embedded development on the netX family of Network Controllers. With support for both single and multi-core devices, winIDEA delivers the insights required when developing complex networked applications. When coupled with their IOM Accessories, it is also possible to synchronously capture and analyse serial bus data and other digital signals, viewing them in the context of the application.

Both the JTAG and ETM trace interface are supported on the ARM9 devices, whilst both JTAG and SWD are supported on the netX 90 Network Controller, together with ITM and ETM trace which can be funnelled to the trace output. Where functional safety is of concern, both testIDEA and our isystem.connect SDK can be used to test software and system functionality.

Family Core iC5000 iC5700
netX 50 ARM 966E-S
netX 51 ARM 966E-S
netX 52 ARM 966E-S
netX 100 ARM 926EJ-S
netX 500 ARM 926EJ-S
netX 90

Cortex®-M4 +

Supported Mcus

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