Infineon Microcontrollers

Infineon's microcontroller products are synonymous with automotive and industrial applications. The TriCore™ and AURIX™ single and multi-core devices are the central element of many safety-critical automotive applications, whilst their ARM® Cortex® Automotive Embedded Power ICs can be embedded into ASIL relevant applications requiring motors, such as window lifters. In the industrial space, especially where safety is important, AURIX™ and XMC microcontrollers can be found, where embedded developers can scale up and down within these families as demands change.


The highly integrated class of AURIX-based microcontrollers fulfil the needs of safety-critical automotive applications, including features such as diverse lockstep cores. Safety is scalable from QM to ASIL D and the devices feature the latest in automotive networking connectivity, such as the enhanced data rate CAN FD.

XMC ARM® Cortex® MCUs

With their fast and precise analog/mixed signal peripherals, timers and PWMs, as well as communication peripherals, the XMC family of microcontrollers are adept in any industrial application.  At the top end, the XMC4000 features EtherCAT®, bringing the capabilities of real-time Ethernet to your embedded device.

Automotive Embedded Power ICs

Targeting the automotive space, these ARM® Cortex® SoCs offer control of brushless and brushed motors as well as relays. Featuring both LIN and CAN interfaces, integrated voltage regulator, LIN transceiver and MOSFETs, these highly-integrated solutions offer automotive grade performance in miniature packaging.

Family Processor Core Development Kit
iC5000 iC5700 iC6000
 AURIX™ TriCore™
TLE98xx M0 (1)
TLE98xx M3 (1)
XMC1000 M0 (1)
XMC4000 M4F (1)

(1) - Basic debugging supported only; no trace

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