Infineon Microcontrollers

Infineon's microcontroller products are synonymous with automotive and industrial applications. The TriCore™ and AURIX™ single and multi-core devices are the central element of many safety-critical automotive applications, whilst their ARM® Cortex® Automotive Embedded Power ICs can be embedded into ASIL relevant applications requiring motors, such as window lifters. In the industrial space, especially where safety is important, AURIX™ and XMC microcontrollers can be found, where embedded developers can scale up and down within these families as demands change.


AURIX architecture

The highly integrated class of AURIX-based microcontrollers fulfil the needs of safety-critical automotive applications, including features such as diverse lockstep cores. Safety is scalable from QM to ASIL D and the devices feature the latest in automotive networking connectivity, such as the enhanced data rate CAN FD.


iSYSTEM provides comprehensive debug and trace support for the entire Infineon AURIX Controller Family. iSYSTEM's BlueBox On-Chip Analyzers compliment the AURIX™ family support with their IOM Accessories, available for a range of BlueBox products. Timing measurements are possible using the iC5700 together with an Active Probe and, by linking in the CAN/LIN IOM Accessory, vehicle network traffic can be added to the mix. Complex AUTOSAR applications can be analyzed and optimized to ensure that timing constraints are fulfilled. Read more...

Cypress Semiconductor Microcontrollers

With their broad portfolio of low-power to high-performance microcontrollers, Cypress offers solutions for almost every market, from white goods and consumer products to automotive. iSYSTEM is happy to support the ARM® Cortex®-based devices in their portfolio, offering the deep insights our development tools offer to their community of developers.

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XMC1000 and XM4000 MCUs

With their fast and precise analog/mixed signal peripherals, timers and PWMs, as well as communication peripherals, the XMC family of microcontrollers are adept in any industrial application.  At the top end, the XMC4000 features EtherCAT®, bringing the capabilities of real-time Ethernet to your embedded device.


Embedded Power ICs TLE98xx

Targeting the automotive space, these ARM® Cortex® SoCs offer control of brushless and brushed motors as well as relays. Featuring both LIN and CAN interfaces, integrated voltage regulator, LIN transceiver and MOSFETs, these highly-integrated solutions offer automotive grade performance in miniature packaging.


Infineons's SP40 tire pressure sensors provide a high level of integration and are optimized to perform all of the functions  of the Tire pressure monitoring  system (TPMS). Legacy SP37 series is also supported.


Family Development Kit
iC5000 iC5700