Infineon Automotive Embedded Power ICs

The automobile requires a lot of electric motors and, in recent years, many of them have moved from brushed DC motors to various, more efficient, brushless alternatives. HVAC blowers, window openers, oil and fuel pumps and cooling fans all require advanced motor control, automotive reliability and safety, CAN and LIN networking capability and a wide temperature range.

Infineon's TLE98xx family of Automotive Embedded Power ICs leverage the power of the ARM® Cortex®-M3 and M0 cores, providing embedded automotive developers with intelligent, programmable control solutions that integrate into today's highly-networked vehicles.

iSYSTEM's BlueBox On-Chip Analyzers compliment the TLE98xx family with their IOM Accessories, available for a range of BlueBox products. With our ADIO modules it is possible to monitor real-time voltage and current feedback signals synchronously to program execution, analysing the relationship between interrupts and other motor control algorithm functions.

If you are simply trialling the performance of the TLE98xx using the available development kits, the integrated J-Link Debugger works out-of-the-box with iSYSTEM's winIDEA Open IDE. Simply connect the board to an available USB port and explore the power iSYSTEM's development software has to offer.

CoreSight™ Feature Description TLE98xx Starter Kit
iC5000 iC5700 iC6000
Cortex™-M0 Cortex™-M3
DWT (Data Watchpoint and Trace) Hardware comparators for program counter
and data watchpoints
FPB (Flash Patch Breakpoint) Implements hardware breakpoints
SWD (Serial Wire Debug) Two-wire CoreSight™ interface used for debugging
and debug configuration.

1) In conjunction with winIDEA Open, the functionality of the J-Link is limited to debugging

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