Infineon AURIX™ Microcontrollers

A mainstay of the automotive industry, the AURIX™ family, based on single and multicore 32-bit Tricore™ CPUs, is found in safety-critical and processing intensive applications. These devices are used in applications as diverse as powertrain applications (including electrical and hybrid vehicles) as well as safety applications (such as steering, braking, airbags and advanced driver assistance systems) to name just a few. iSYSTEM provides comprehensive debug and trace support for the entire Infineon AURIX™ family.

iSYSTEM's iC7max/iC5700 BlueBox compliments the AURIX™ family support with their IOM Accessories, These make possible synchronous debugging of two AURIX™ applications. With the CAN/LIN IOM Accessory, vehicle network traffic and with the ADIO IOM Accessory analog and digital signals surrounding the microcontroller can be traced and correlated with the application timing measurements. Complex AUTOSAR applications can be analyzed and time optimized to ensure that timing constraints are fulfilled.

Supported Infineon Aurix Microcontrollers

If your particular device is not listed, contact iSYSTEM to check if your device is on our roadmap of devices to be supported.

TC212L, TC212S, TC213L, TC213S, TC214L, TC214S, TC222L, TC222S, TC223L, TC223S, TC224L, TC224S, TC233L, TC233LP, TC234L, TC234LA, TC234LF, TC234LP, TC234LX, TC237LF, TC237LP, TC264D, TC264DA, TC264DE, TC265D, TC265DE, TC267D, TC275T, TC275TE, TC275TF, TC275TP, TC277T, TC277TE, TC277TF, TC277TP, TC297T, TC297TA, TC297TB, TC297TE, TC297TF, TC297TP, TC297TX, TC297TY, TC298T, TC298TE, TC298TF, TC298TP, TC299T, TC299TE, TC299TF, TC299TP, TC299TX, TC299TY, TC2D5TED,

TC322LP, TC322LS, TC323LP, TC324LP, TC332LP, TC333LP, TC334LP, TC336DA, TC337DA, TC337LP, TC356TA, TC356TH, TC357T, TC357TA, TC357TH, TC357TP, TC357TT, TC364D, TC364DP, TC365D, TC365DP, TC366DP, TC367D, TC367DP, TC374TE, TC375DP, TC375T, TC375TE, TC375TI, TC375TP, TC377DP, TC377T, TC377TA, TC377TE, TC377TP, TC377TT, TC377TX, TC387QP, TC387TP, TC389QP, TC397QA, TC397QP, TC397X, TC397XA, TC397XE, TC397XM, TC397XP, TC397XT, TC397XX, TC397XZ, TC399X, TC399XE, TC399XP, TC399XT, TC399XX, TC3E7QC, TC3E7QF, TC3E7QG, TC3E7QX,


iC7 BlueBox Solutions

Target debug connector Connection to the Target
Adapter + iC7mini, iC7pro Active Probe + iC7max
16-pin (2.54mm) JTAG

10-pin (1.27mm) DAP



Infineon DAP/DAPE

20-pin (1.27mm) DAP AUTO    
26-pin (1.27mm) DAP AUTO    
10-pin ECU14    
10-pin (1.27mm) DAP  


Infineon DAP/DAPE



Infineon AGBT

22-pin ERF8 Samtec  


Infineon SGBT (HSTCU)

*iC7 Adapters can be used with Active Probe Debug. iC7 and iC5 Adapters are not compatible. For more information, refer to Hardware User Manuals.

iC5 BlueBox Solutions

Target debug connector Connection to the Target Board BlueBox
iC5700 iC5000
10-pin 1.27 mm
DTM Debug Adapter
DAP Debug & DAP Trace
10-pin 1.27 mm Infineon DAP/DAPE Active Probe
DAP Debug & DAP/DAPE Trace
16-pin 2.54 mm DTM Debug Adapter
JTAG/DAP Debug & DAP Trace
22-pin ERF8 Samtec Infineon AGBT Active Probe
DAP Debug & AGBT Trace
USB-C Infineon SGBT (HSTCU) Active Probe
DAP Debug & AGBT Trace


  • Debug Access via JTAG and DAP
  • On-Chip FLASH Programming
  • Debug support for TriCore, HSM (Hardware Security Module) and SCR (Standby Controller)
  • Single-/Multi-Core Debug & Trace
  • MCDS Trace support on Emulation Device
    • Trace Storage in Emulation Memory
    • Trace Streaming, i.e. “Upload-While-Sampling” (UWS), via DAP and DAPE
    • Trace Streaming via AGBT
  • MiniMCDS Trace support on Production Devices

Simplified, generic AURIX Debug/Trace Block Diagram