NXP Microcontrollers

NXP is a leading supplier of embedded controllers with strong legacy in automotive, industrial and consumer markets. Their broad portfolio of 32-bit MCUs feature leading-edge low-power, analog, control and communications technologies.

S32 Automotive MCUs

NXP S32 MCUs and MPUs are the latest offering for automotive and industrial applications. They offer the best architecture for performance and power efficiency focused on addressing current and future connectivity security and safety challenges. As part of the total solution, NXP provides a complimentary S32 Design Studio which includes a full automotive grade SDK with low level drivers and ecosystem support.


Based on ARM® Cortex®-M cores, the Kinetis® family provides something for almost every conceivable application. For those upgrading from traditional 8 and 16-bit devices, the E Series offers robust, 5V-tolerant I/Os, designed for use in harsh environments targeting white goods and industrial applications. The W Series integrate sub-1GHz and 2.4GHz radio transceivers whilst the V Series are aimed at BLDC and PMSM motor control. For automotive applications, the EA Series deliver automotive quality and longevity of supply coupled with a CAN interface.

NXP / ST Power Architecture ® Microcontrollers

The world's broadest portfolio of processors built on Power Architecture® technology, enabling networking, automotive, consumer and industrial applications. NXP's MPC5xxx/55xx MCUs offer scalable, highly-integrated solutions designed for automotive, with a focus on quality and long-term reliability.


LPC 32-bit Arm microcontrollers (MCUs) offer exceptional ease of use, design flexibility and advanced integration. LPC continues to transform the MCU landscape with the LPC800LPC1100 and LPC54000 portfolios focused on addressing the Internet of Things (IoT) design challenges.

i.MX Application Processors

Multicore 32-bit and 64-bit Arm-based solutions for multimedia and display applications with high performance and low power capabilities that are scalable, safe and secure.

iSYSTEM - Enabling Safer Embedded Systems

iSYSTEM's BlueBox technology is ideally suited to embedded development with the broad range of processor technologies offered by NXP. With support for both single and multi-core devices our BlueBox On-Chip Analyzer can be switched back and forth between microcontrollers will little more than a change of connector.

For MPC5x device with advanced program and data trace features, Emulation Adapters are also offered to gain access to the required interface. Our development environment, winIDEA, delivers the insights required when developing complex applications, both in automotive and elsewhere. When coupled with their IOM Accessories, it is also possible to synchronously capture and analyse serial bus data and other digital signals, viewing them in the context of the application. Where functional safety is of concern, both testIDEA and our isystem.connect SDK can be used to test software and system functionality.

Family Processor iC5000 iC5700
S32 ARM® Cortex®-A and M
MPC5x Power Architecture®
Kinetis® ARM® Cortex®-M
LPC ARM® Cortex®-M
i.MX ARM® Cortex®-A and M