R-Car SoCs

As vehicles become computers on wheels, and control and functionality move into a central, SoC-based, ECU, the Renesas R-Car family finds itself in demand to fill this type of role. Applications such as advanced navigation systems and automated driving, coupled with video recognition and radar systems, demand multi-core solutions from trusted automotive suppliers. Devices such as the R-Car H3 conform to the ASIL-B functional safety standard of ISO 26262, easing their use and certification for such applications.

iSYSTEM - Enabling Safer Embedded Systems

iSYSTEM's BlueBox™ technology from iSYSTEM is ideally suited to embedded development on the Renesas R-Car family of SoCs. Our development environment, winIDEA, supports multi-core application development and supports the ARM® Cortex®-R7 core that forms part of the R-Car H3 and M3 devices. The iC5700 Blue™ On-Chip Analyser, with its FNET interface and Active Probe for ARM's HSSTP high-speed serial trace port, coupled with the ability to capture and analyse CAN and LIN network data, makes it the ideal partner in debugger and testing ASIL applications. Where functional safety is of concern, both testIDEA and our isystem.connect SDK can be used to test software and system functionality.

Debug and Trace Interface Description iC5000 iC5700 iC6000
SWD/JTAG Default debug communication interface.
HSSTP Highspeed interface for access
to advanced trace capture capability.


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