SPC5 32-bit Automotive MCUs

ST’s SPC5 32-bit microcontrollers are designed using industry standard Power Architecture® processors couple with ST’s proprietary embedded Flash technology. They combine a scalable range of single-, dual- and multi-core solutions (Power Architecture e200z0 to e200z4) with innovative peripheral sets that are optimized for car applications, such as engine management, chassis, safety, body control, advanced driver assistance, and for all applications requiring long-term reliability.

Interior, Networking and Low Power Applications

With a focus on body and convenience applications, the low-power SPC5 microcontrollers are ideal for all designs requiring automotive quality, cost-effectiveness and power consumption optimization. These MCUs include sophisticated power management features (Halt, Stop and Standby modes) that reduce system power consumption. The latest products of the series combine Ethernet and ISO CAN FD communication interfaces with the latest Hardware Security Module (HSM) technology to ensure functional integrity of the car’s Electronic Control Units (ECUs) and protection against malicious attacks.

Safety Critical Applications and Motor Control

Chassis and safety applications have a special focus on functional safety and on three-phase motor control solutions, from entry-level to high-end, for which ST has a dedicated line of SPC5 devices. These microcontrollers are compliant with the automotive safety integrity levels (ASIL-B and ASIL-D) that are now required in critical systems such as anti-lock braking, electric power steering, active suspension and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).

High Performance Applications

The portfolio includes SPB5 devices targeting high performance applications, focused on the specific needs of real time applications such as propulsion control and automotive transmission control applications. They feature an excellent real-time behavior, by integrating an enhanced high-performance time processing unit (eTPU) with DSP capability or the latest Generic Time Module (GTM).

iSYSTEM - Enabling Safer Embedded Systems

iSYSTEM's BlueBox technology from iSYSTEM is ideally suited to embedded development on the SPC5 family of microcontrollers. With support for both single and multi-core devices, winIDEA delivers the insights required when developing complex automotive applications.

Our Emulation Adapters:

bring out the necessary interface pins through which program and data trace information can be captured. This is often essential during the integration and testing stages of AUTOSAR-based applications to prove conformance to timing specifications.

When coupled with their IOM Accessories, it is also possible to synchronously capture and analyse serial bus data, such as CAN and LIN, and other digital signals, viewing them in the context of the application. Where functional safety is of concern, both testIDEA and our isystem.connect SDK can also be used to test software and system functionality and support test automation.

Debug and Trace Interface Description iC5000 iC5700
Nexus Class 1/2/3 Default debug communication interface.
AURORA High-speed serial interface provided on emulation
devices for access to advanced trace observation.


Supported Mcus

chorus 6m , eiger , SPC560-FPGA , SPC560B40L1 , SPC560B40L3 , SPC560B40L5 , SPC560B44L3 , SPC560B44L5 , SPC560B50L1 , SPC560B50L3 , SPC560B50L5 , SPC560B64L , SPC560C40L1 , SPC560C40L3 , SPC560C44L3 , SPC560C50L3 , SPC560P40L1 A , SPC560P40L1 F , SPC560P40L3 A , SPC560P40L3 F , SPC560S50L5 , SPC560S60L5 , SPC560S60L7 , SPC564A80Bx , SPC564A80H1 , SPC564A80L7 , SPC56EL70_2nd , SPC570S40E1 , SPC570S40E3 , SPC570S50E1 , SPC570S50E3 , SPC570S50L1 , SPC570S50L3 , SPC574S64 Cut2+ , SPC57EM80 Cut1 , SPC57EM80 ED , SPC57EM80 ED Cut1 , spc58 , SPC582B60 , SPC584B60 Cut1.0 , SPC584B64 Cut1.0 , SPC584B70 Cut1.0 , spc5877 , SPC58EC , spc58ec8 , SPC58EG84 Cut0 , SPC58EG84 EMU , spc58ekal , SPC58NE84 Cut2+ , SPC58NE84 EMU , SPC58NE84 EMU Cut2+ , SPC58NG84 EMU , SPC58NN84 EMU