Micronas Embedded Motor Controller

When looking to efficiently drive a servo-motor, the Micronas HVC 4223F offers a cost-effective and compact motor control solution. Whether your application controls brushed, brushless (BLDC) or stepper (bipolar or three phase), this device's integrated half-bridges can control the motor directly without recourse to external drivers. In addition to the peripherals required for motor control, such as timers and counters, multichannel ADC and enhanced PWMs, integration into industrial systems is provides through serial interfaces, such as SPI and a LIN UART with integrated LIN 2.x transceiver. Power supply design is simplified through the availability of on-chip regulators supporting input voltages of 5.4V to 18.0V.

The ARM® Cortex®-M3 processing core makes it possible to implement a wide range of computationally complex algorithms including Space Vector Modulation (SVM) for permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM) in addition to six-step commutation with sensor feedback or sensorless control, as well as various stepper configurations.

iSYSTEM - Enabling Safer Embedded Systems

iSYSTEM's BlueBox On-Chip Analyzers compliment the HVC motor control family with their IOM Accessories, available for a range of BlueBox products. To power optimize your application our IOM accessories enable the developer to see at what point in the application's execution the position of an encoder was, of the angle of a rotor, in relation to the code. On top, our support for the Instrumentation Trace Macrocell (ITM) allows debug messages to be passed to the winIDEA Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for deeper insights, either when using an RTOS or a bare metal application.

Finally, you'll always have confidence in the code you have developed by utilizing testIDEA. Even though the motor controller's debug hardware does not feature a true hardware trace interface, our "slow run" feature still makes it possible to capture program trace information to deliver code coverage on unit tests for your application code.

CoreSight™ Feature Description   HVC 4223F   EVB
iC5000 iC5700
DWT (Data Watchpoint and Trace) Hardware comparators for program counter
and data watchpoints
FPB (Flash Patch Breakpoint) Implements hardware breakpoints
ITM (Instrumentation Trace Macrocell) Supports printf style debugging, trace of
RTOS events and output of diagnostic system
SWO (Serial Wire Output) Single-pin output for ITM trace messages
TPIU (Trace Port Interface Unit) Bridge between on-chip trace data and SWO interface.
SWD (Serial Wire Debug) Two-wire CoreSight™ interface used for debugging
and debug configuration.


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