Exploring the versatility of Active Probes - a small 3-pin switch with big potential


Active Probes are an essential tool in the field of testing, debugging, and tracing. They provide valuable insights into embedded software and help engineers analyze and troubleshoot complex systems. With Active Probes you get higher debug and trace performance; its compact size allows connecting to a target ECU and it can be positioned as far as 10 m away from the BlueBox.

In this blog post, we will delve into a particular feature of Active Probes known as the mDIO (mini digital input-output) and explore its capabilities and applications.


What is a mDIO port?

It is a small DIO - signal observer or generator on the side of the Active Probes. It's available on certain Active Probes, for example, Infineon DAP/DAPE II.


Together with mDIO cable, it offers various functionalities, e.g.:

  • Pin toggling and triggering
  • Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) control
  • Pattern generation


Above all, it is controllable:

  • Manually via winIDEA
  • Programmatically via isystem.connect API and therefore it can be used for test automation

You can use the mDIO feature for various use cases:

  • Power cycling a target device
  • Handling watchdog
  • Manually control the target state, including program inputs via the HIL monitor
  • Transmit different frequencies to represent distinct signal levels


Technical Note

Technical Note mDIO Configuration and Use cases give you a detailed overview:

  • Functionalities
  • Use cases
  • Configuration via winIDEA


The mDIO on Active Probes provides you with a powerful tool for digital signal observation, generation, and control. Its versatile functionalities enable a wide range of applications, including power control, watchdog handling, HIL monitoring, and frequency communication. The mDIO's potential for automation and test automation is a valuable asset for efficient debugging and testing processes.

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