Advanced HTML Report Generator: Enhancing Timing Analysis with Visual Reports


Timing analysis plays a crucial role in software development, especially in performance optimization and debugging. It involves measuring and analyzing the time taken by various components and processes within an application. By identifying bottlenecks and areas of improvement, timing analysis helps developers optimize their code and enhance overall system performance.

In this blog post, we will explore the importance of timing analysis and introduce an invaluable tool, the Advanced HTML Report Generator, which enhances the visualization and usability of timing analysis reports.


The Need for Visual Representation

While timing analysis provides valuable insights into the performance of an application, it often presents data in raw numerical form, making it challenging to interpret and comprehend. Traditional timing analysis tools, like the winIDEA Profiler Timeline window and Profiles Statistics window, offer detailed metrics but lack user-friendly visualizations.



This limitation led to the development of the Advanced HTML Report Generator, which transforms complex timing analysis data into intuitive and visually appealing reports.


Introducing the Advanced HTML Report Generator

The Advanced HTML Report Generator (AHRG) is a browser-based tool designed to generate custom analytic reports using metrics profiled by winIDEA. Its browser-based nature allows the reports to be viewed and presented on any computer, enhancing accessibility and collaboration among development teams.


The Advanced HTML Report Generator presents reports through a user-friendly dashboard, ensuring a seamless and intuitive experience. You can create new reports or modify existing ones according to their specific requirements. It offers several customization options to tailor the report's content and layout.

It provides various visualization options, including tables, bar charts, and pie charts, to represent the selected data visually.

In cases where the profiled application runs on multiple cores, the Group feature enables you to select objects based on the CPU core from which they originated.

Profiling often involves objects with multiple states (e.g., RUN or SUSPENDED). The Advanced HTML Report Generator enables users to selectively include individual states of interest for report generation.

The tool supports the profiling and configuration of tasks and Interrupt Service Routines (ISRs) using symbols defined in winIDEA's Analyzer Configuration. You can generate reports to visualize task performance, such as the time spent on each task, using bar charts or other visualizations.

In the world of software development, timing analysis holds the key to unlocking optimal performance and efficiency. However, deciphering raw timing data can be a daunting task. That's where the Advanced HTML Report Generator comes to the rescue, revolutionizing the way we analyze and present timing analysis reports. By combining the power of winIDEA's profiling capabilities with intuitive and visually appealing reports, this tool empowers developers to make informed decisions and drive their applications toward peak performance.

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