BlueBox Debugger support for RISC-V


Founded more than 10 years ago, RISC-V is today an open source alternative and an open standard to proprietary RISC / ISA chip architectures. Emerging from a project at Berkeley University in California, RISC-V International ( established itself in 2015 as an organisation and community consisting of software and hardware companies that are further developing and promoting the RISC-V ISA.Already today, iSYSTEM recognizes RISC-V as a future and alternative solution. First physical implementations relevant to iSYSTEM target customers have been brought to market already. This is why we joined RISC-V International and started supporting RISC-V with iSYSTEM’s BlueBox technology and software.

iSYSTEM tools currently offer debug support for:

  • SiFive FE310, SiFive FU740
  • GigaDevice GD32VF

If your particular device is not listed, contact iSYSTEM to check if your device is on our roadmap of devices to be supported.

Standard features:

  • Develop, debug and flash access via JTAG
  • On-Chip FLASH Programming
  • SPI/QSPI FLASH Programming
  • Stop on reset
  • Single/Multi-Core Debug
  • Multicore RUN/STOP sync
  • Debug from reset vector
  • On-Target Software and Regression Tests
  • Full Automation Capabilities with Scripting

iSYSTEM's IDE, winIDEA, is based on Microsoft Visual Studio look and feel, which is known by most developers and thus, they have an easy, fast and intuitive start when working with the tools. It is the same GUI for all BlueBox base units. This saves a lot of time.

Along with winIDEA, every BlueBox unit comes with testIDEA, iSYSTEM's on-target test tool. Test cases are executed in real-time and on the target hardware (on object code level) without any instrumentation needs. The isystem.connect test automation library is included as well. It can be easily accessed through scripting and is continuous integration ready. This gives you a very flexible tool which can be used in development and testing.

All functions in winIDEA and testIDEA can be remote controlled through scripting via our open and public API isystem.connect. The scripts are written by using standard languages as Python, C++, C#, etc. There is no need to learn another, debug vendor proprietary language.

At iSYSTEM, we realise that embedded systems development requires more than just the insights of the microcontroller/processor. Developers need a holistic view, covering external signals and serial bus messages, or even insights into more than one microcontroller/processor and/or target system at once.

Our range of add-on modules provide these insights, delivering the proof that is often missing when just reviewing code execution alone.

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