Continuous Integration using Jenkins and iSYSTEM Tools

One of the topics that generates most interest during discussions with customers currently is that of Continuous Integration (CI for short). With it, a single server can offload the development team from much of the time-consuming building and testing of everything from individual embedded software modules through to complete projects with testing on a hardware-in-the-loop system (HIL). We're not going into all the details in this webinar, rather we will give the high-level overview of what a CI does and what you need to consider integrating iSYSTEM development and test tools in such a process.

There are several different CI platforms available now, but the ones most often mentioned to us to date have been Jenkins, Hudson (the precursor to Jenkins) and Bamboo. We have been working with and testing Jenkins together with testIDEA and our Python scripting tool isystem.connect, so it will be our webinar focus here. However, the principles, and sometimes even the steps, discussed here apply equally to other CI platforms too.

When: Wednesday, April 1st, 3pm CET (UTC+1)
Who: Ales Kosir, iSYSTEM Field Application Engineer with 20+ years of embedded software development experience
Who should attend: iSYSTEM tool users - beginners as well as professionals, Software developers and testers in general who think about choosing iSYSTEM tools


Live recording is available here


  • 2:47 - Introduction to Continuous Integration
  • 4:42 - What is Jenkins?
  • 6: 45 - iSYSTEM Tools overview
  • 10:37 - testIDEA features
  • 12:41 - testIDEA test script generation
  • 13:27 - Installation and the start of Jenkins server for Windows
  • 15: 00 - Creating Jenkins job
  • 16:32 - Configuring Jenkins reports
  • 20:15 - Questions and answers




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Our BlueBox Technology stands for fast and easy microcontroller access via any kind of debug interface. Complemented with integrated development and test software winIDEA/testIDEA it provides access to on-target timing information. Embedded software engineers can review application timing, analyze real-time operating system states, and undertake code coverage to prove that their products do what they were built to do.


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