Generate electronics stimuli with the iSYSTEM Digital Pattern Generator


iSYSTEM's digital pattern generator manifests in a software functionality within the winIDEA, combined with the BlueBox and the add-on ADIO module.


iSYSTEM’s ADIO module does provide:

  • 4 Banks of configurable 8-bit digital I/O channels
    • All together 32 digital I/O channels
    • Operating voltage 1.66V – 5.4V
    • Sampling rate up to 100MHz
  • 2 Analog outputs
    • 2 x 12-bit, ±5.0V DC, Settling time 250ns
      Output drive capability: 35mA and 30pF load
    • 2 x 12-bit, ±5.0V DC
      Input impedance 530kΩ / 8pF, max. sampling rate 12MHz


Originally, ADIO captures digital and analog signals that are streamed into the iSYSTEM winIDEA Analyzer. In parallel, recording the program code execution using the winIDEA trace functionality, such signals can be correlated to this recording, to analyze the timing of signals and to visualize delays across the system.


iSYSTEM's Pattern Generator:

The iSYSTEM Pattern Generator in winIDEA provides several possibilities to create repetitive or single-shot signals. Straightforward concept that covers numerous use-cases and helps you get more accurate results faster.



It’s a mechanism that determines the level of signals in time and generates sequences of these states. Output signal generation can be triggered by external signals, internal counters and triggers. Use it to:

  • Feed the Watchdog timer and keep an impulse going.
  • Modulate pulse-width.
  • Simulate external equipment and it’s signaling electro mechanical devices like rotary encoder.


Pattern Generator can even store multiple patterns.


Easily configure it in winIDEA in just a couple of steps and view the signals in a user-friendly visualized form. Generator runs on ADIO and requires FNet capable BlueBox. It features:

  • 4 independent generators
  • 32 digital outputs
  • 1μs resolution


The Pattern Generator functionality is fully integrated and accessible via the iSYSTEM APIs and SDKs for test automation.


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