iSYSTEM Trace Configuration Helper - iTCHi

With new winIDEA build 9.17.158 we are releasing a standalone tool that speeds up the advanced hardware trace configuration of an OS and RTE aware embedded application.

What is iTCHi?

First, let's take a quick look at the OSEK Run-Time Interface (ORTI), which was established a decade before the AUTOSAR standard started to form. An ORTI file, which is still the industry standard to this day, provides the information about OS objects like Tasks and ISRs to debugging tools such as winIDEA. Since then, AUTOSAR has implemented advanced features that are not specified in the ORTI file. Therefore, when analyzing a trace recording of an AUTOSAR aware application using an ORTI file, some information like task states, RTE objects or runnables is missing.

To overcome this gap iSYSTEM implemented an AUTOSAR trace configuration file called iSYSTEM Profiler XML, which also includes the information that is missing in the ORTI file. Using iSYSTEM Profiler XML enables winIDEA to record and analyze all the information that is included in an AUTOSAR based application. Creating such a file requires advanced knowledge about AUTOSAR and tracing and is usually quite time consuming.

To empower embedded engineers to be able to create such an advanced configuration themselves, we decided to include our secret weapon in winIDEA distribution. The secret weapon being iSYSTEM Trace Configuration Helper or iTCHi for short.


How to start using iTCHi?

iTCHi is located in the scripts/itchi folder within the winIDEA installation. Start by reading the reference manual (readme.html) located in the same folder as the tool.

To see iTCHi in action we recommend watching our step-by-step tutorials:


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