NXP S32K344 Emulation Adapter


The brand new NXP S32K344 Emulation Adapter from iSYSTEM will provide full debug and trace capabilities for:

  • S32K311
  • S32K312
  • S32K314
  • S32K322
  • S32K324
  • S32K341
  • S32K342

devices in packages QFP-48, MaxQFP-100 and MaxQFP-172.

This Emulation Adapter supports JTAG, SWD debug and 16-bit parallel trace interfaces.


When is an Emulation Adapter needed?

The story about an Emulation Adapter starts with tracing. And why is tracing important?

It enables you the deepest insight into the behaviour of your embedded application without influencing its real-time behaviour. It allows debugging the trickiest code flaws, performing timing analysis and measuring code coverage metrics and the CPU load.  All of these measurements improve your software tests and product quality. They help you to get the product to the market faster and deeply tested as well. 

The challenge is that not all NXP S32K3xx devices support tracing, respectively provide a trace port.

If your particular microcontroller does not have trace available, it’s where the Emulation Adapter comes in.

It makes tracing possible on devices:

  • without the trace pins, 
  • devices that only feature limited trace capabilities or
  • where debug and trace signals are not exposed.

In this case the Emulation Adapter can replace the original microcontroller and provides the trace capability.

You can use it in a standalone operation as a preliminary development hardware until your own hardware becomes available.


How does an Emulation Adapter work?

To put it simply, you exchange the original microcontroller on your board with the Emulation Adapter. As mentioned before, the Emulation Adapter has the same core features as the microcontroller on your board with an additional trace port which provides detailed insight into the execution including timeline information. Different packages of the original microcontroller are addressed by an appropriate conversion board. 

Depending on your target microcontroller use the belonging conversion board.



Available in Q1-2022.

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