On-the-fly winIDEA Configuration for Evaluation Boards and Emulation Adapters


Imagine having a feature that automatically presets detailed CPU settings for different Evaluation Boards and Emulation Adapters in winIDEA?

Enter the world of Target Board Preset Configuration - a wizardly solution that automates the process of setting up CPU parameters for various target boards and emulation adapters.

Understanding Target Board Preset Configuration

Each Evaluation Board and Emulation Adapter comes with its unique requirements and specifications, making the setup process daunting and time-consuming. This is where Target Board Preset Configuration swoops in to save the day.

It provides a user-friendly interface that enables you to select your target board in the process of creating a new winIDEA workspace, and with a click of a button, all the CPU settings are configured appropriately. This automation reduces the chances of human error and speeds up the development process.

To be more precise, when you are configuring BlueBox hardware and connecting an Evaluation Board or an Emulation Adapter, possible variants are listed by winIDEA. In the process of creating your workspace, the above dialog opens which allows you to:

  • Select your board
  • Access the board’s user manual
  • Configure debug & trace interfaces
  • Disable watchdogs


Why Evaluation Boards and Emulation Adapters?

Evaluation boards serve as a playground for testing and experimenting with the fundamental functionalities of a microcontroller. For instance, an evaluation board might offer interfaces like User Switches, User LEDs, and UART communication right out of the box. This means that developers can quickly prototype and validate their ideas without having to start from scratch. However, the true power of evaluation boards lies in their expandability. While they offer basic features, they often leave room for additional components to be connected, such as displays, keyboards, or CAN modules.

When your target device doesn’t have trace capabilities, this is where an Emulation Adapter comes in handy. The emulation adapter at its core has the same functionality as the production silicon with additional debug and tracing capabilities. Another benefit of the emulation adapter is that you can also use it in a standalone operation. This means you can use it as a startup development platform until your hardware becomes available. For instance, while it is still in development or manufacturing.


Supported target boards

Currently, you can preset all Emulation Adapters, various Infineon TriBoards for TC3xx, TC277 TFT Application Kit, Traveo II CYTVII-B-E-176-SO, AURIX lite Kit V2, etc.

See the whole list in winIDEA Help.


What if your target board is not supported?

Worry no more, you can contact Technical Support and our developers will add it to the list.



Target Board Preset Configuration is a user-friendly way you can interact with Evaluation Boards and Emulation Adapters and focus on the other aspects of your work rather than grappling with intricate CPU settings.

Now, let winIDEA wizard sway its magic wand and configure the workspace for you!



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