Rust programming language


Rust programming language is designed to ensure high performance, reliability and safety. According to stackoverflow it has been voted the most loved programming language for four years in a row. And the best part? You are now able to develop and test your embedded project in winIDEA with Rust.


Why Rust?

Rust is a fast and powerful programming language. Many people know it as a systems language, similar to C and C++. It is most often used for building tools that are mainly used in development, such as various drivers or compilers. One of the greatly appreciated assets that comes with Rust is the ability to achieve memory safety without garbage collection. Beside functional programming it also features low-level memory management mechanisms. All of these perks help you work more efficiently and let you focus on what’s most important.



How to get started with Rust in winIDEA?

If Rust is your programming language of choice and you are excited about using it in winIDEA then let’s get started. All you need is:

After installation your workspace is pre-configured to use GDB and QEMU for debugging, built for debug configuration and configured for rebuild.

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Rust in winIDEA - Help

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