SmartCode and the iC7mini BlueBox for Automotive Software Development


TASKING presents the new hardware debugger iC7mini and the latest version of the development environment SmartCode v10.2r1 for the Infineon TriCore™ AURIX™ TC4x family. These two tools provide software developers with a full system solution for the development of automotive safety applications.

The need for safe and reliable mobility solutions continues to increase as consumers become more reliant on advanced driver assist systems (ADAS) like lane departure warning and blind-spot detection. These applications require new technologies like Infineon's AURIX TC4x family of multi-core microcontrollers. Developers require versatile and easy-to-use development environments and high-performance hardware debuggers to aid in the development of these advanced safety applications.

The iC7mini is the latest generation of the proven BlueBox hardware debugger. The iC7mini brings faster response times and improved performance to software development, enabling a smoother GUI and API experience. The new and improved ECU interface ensures signal integrity is maintained in even the most demanding environments. Additional advancements allow testing in the Continuous Integration domain to be twice as fast, and the ability to work in a global development environment with remote ‘debug’ farms has been significantly improved.

SmartCode v10.2r1, the latest version of the integrated development environment for the AURIX TC4x family, now supports all the architectures and microprocessor cores integrated in the TC4x. SmartCode is based on the Eclipse IDE and can be used with both Windows and Linux hosts. A Safety & Security Manual for TriCore and the Parallel Processing Unit is included for tool qualification. The development environment complies with industry-leading standards, including ISO/IEC 9899:1999(E), ISO/IEC 14882:2011, MISRA C, CERT C, TriCore EABI v3.1, Synopsis ARC EV7xFS EABI, ANSI/IEEE-754 and ELF/DWARF.

SmartCode allows connection to the hardware target via the iC7mini, and the ability to debug ‘TriCore cores’ via the Infineon miniWiggler is also included. SmartCode now contains an Eclipse plug-in which allows it to access the powerful and versatile winIDEA IDE.



TASKING SmartCode and the iC7mini BlueBox are now available individually or in bundles. Further information at

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