Start development and initial integration work with virtual hardware

Before a real target hardware is available, it makes sense to start development and initial integration work with virtual hardware. The increasing complexity of embedded software in general, time-to-market, and the early setup of test automation justify the use of such virtual hardware also called Virtual Target or Virtual Prototype.

The TASKING winIDEA IDE for Synopsys VDK (Virtual Development Kit) and Synopsys Silver use the same front-end and functionality used for on-target software development and debugging. As soon as target hardware is available, simply switch to it with a mouse click and continue working on real hardware. Similarly, any automation scripts that use the TASKING debug and test automation SDK can be used on a virtual or a real ECU without any changes.

Synopsys VDKs enable software development in much earlier design cycle phases and are suited for software development of:

  • Device drivers
  • Operating system (OS) bring-up
  • Middleware


The main use cases for the TASKING-Synopsys VDK setup:

  • Bootloader and driver development
  • Microcontroller Abstraction Layer (MCAL) development & integration  
  • Initial integration of an AUTOSAR Stack: Basic Software (BSW) including the MCAL, Run-Time-Environment (RTE) & Application Layer
  • Regression-Testing, Testing of Hard- and Software-Integration
  • Test Automation & Continuous Integration (CI)


Currently supported devices:

  • ARM Base Reference
  • S32K388
  • SR6P7G7
  • TC39x
  • TC4x
  • TC38x
  • TC36x


Synopsys Silver enables early Software-in-the-Loop development, prototyping, and testing. Main use cases focus on:

  • Application Software development
  • Application Software integration
  • Basic Software development (partially)

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