Start development and initial integration work with a virtual hardware


The iSYSTEM IDE and debugger winIDEA for Synopsys VDK is the same front-end and functionality used for on-target software development and debugging. As soon as target hardware is available, simply switch to it by a mouse click and continue working in the environment you are already used to.

winIDEA supports Virtualizer™ Development Kits (VDKs) from Synopsis - a software development kits which contain:

  • Design-specific virtual prototypes as the embedded target (simulators)
  • Multicore debug and analysis tools
  • Sample software

VDKs enable software development in much earlier design cycle phases and are suited for software development of:

  • Device drivers
  • Operating system (OS) bring-up
  • Middleware

Currently supported devices:

  • TC49x
  • SR6P7G7

Further links and resources

Synopsis VDK
winIDEA – All-in-one download

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