The latest generation of BlueBox debuggers, iC7pro and iC7max BlueBox


TASKING presents the hardware debuggers iC7pro and iC7max. Together with the iC7mini, which the company launched last fall, the products form the latest generation of the proven BlueBox debuggers. They offer faster response times and improved performance for software development and enable a smoother GUI and API experience.

As with the iC7mini, the new and improved ECU interface of the iC7pro and iC7max ensures that signal integrity is maintained even in the most demanding environments. Further improvements enable twice as fast continuous integration tests. The ability to work in a global development environment with remote debug farms has also been significantly improved. The three debuggers support all microcontrollers and SoCs commonly used in safety-critical automotive applications.

In addition to the features of the iC7mini, the iC7pro and iC7max add real-time trace capabilities. Additionally, the iC7max can be used for synchronous debugging and tracing on multiple SoCs, as well as monitoring the network between the SoCs.



The iC7pro BlueBox is a next-generation platform designed for efficient flashing, debugging, tracing and testing of an embedded system. Through a low-level debug connection, a deep insight and control of the SoC is provided right from power-on reset.



The iC7max BlueBox is a next-generation platform designed for efficient flashing, synchronous debugging, tracing and testing of embedded Multi-SoC systems. In addition to deep insight into the SoC, it adds network observation and precise control and analysis of analog/digital signals - using ADIO and CAN/LIN Add-on modules.

iC7max connected to TC4x target