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Infineon On-Board miniWiggler

Get started quickly with the On-Board miniWiggler debugger available on Infineon starter kits for the AURIX™ TC2xx and TC3xx microcontrollers.

This 3rd party tool is supported by winIDEA. Simply connect your development PC to the on-board micro USB connector and you are ready to start developing.

Once you have got your application beyond the trial stage, upgrade to a BlueBox On-Chip Analyzer to make use of program and data trace for your AURIX-based applications.

winIDEA for Infineon DAS

  • Install DAS (Device Access Server) from Infineon
  • Download latest winIDEA IDE at Downloads page
  • Connect the TriBoard with your PC via USB and Power it!
  • Supports 32-/64-bit Infineon DAS
  • Debug and flash
  • Set software breakpoints
  • No trace support
AURIX Application Kit from Infineon
AURIX Application Kit from Infineon

Supported Mcus

DAS, Infineon DAS, Infineon Wiggler, Wiggler