DAP over CAN

One thing is sure in the life of an embedded developer - your next microcontroller development board will be fitted with a different debug connector to the one used in your previous design.

Not to worry - at iSYSTEM we have seen almost every single connector and pin-pitch ever used.

iSYSTEM DXCPL Converter enables a tool connection to the microcontroller via regular CAN interface pins of the embedded target. This connection is electrically robust due to the nature of the CAN bus. When the CAN bus signals are available at the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) connector, DXCPL (DAP over CAN Physical Layer) allows tools to be connected without opening the housing. This is very useful for field returns or potted electronic circuits, where usual DAP debug connector is not available.

The DXCPL Converter  translates Infineon AURIX™ SPD (Single Pin DAP) encoded DAP messages to the CAN bus physical layer.

iSYSTEM hardware solution supports Infineon AURIX™ TC2xx, TC3xx and future devices.

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DAP over CAN Physical Layer Converter

User Manual for DAP over CAN Physical Layer Converter (DXCPL)