Debug Adapters

One thing is sure in the life of an embedded developer - your next microcontroller development board will be fitted with a different debug connector to the one used in your previous design.

Not to worry - at iSYSTEM we have seen almost every single connector and pin-pitch ever used.

To ensure you are up-and-running as quickly as possible, we have a range of Debug Adapters suitable for connectors featuring everything from simple debug through to full trace interfaces.

Debug Adapters
iC5 Debug Adapters

iC7 Adapters

iC7 Adapters establish a connection between the iC7 BlueBox Debugger family and the embedded target. Designed with flexibility in mind, these adapters are engineered to accommodate different Target connector pitches, ensuring compatibility with a variety of embedded systems.

Active Probe Adapters

Active Probe Debug is a universal Active Probe that allows you to connect to and debug different microcontroller architectures. Since each microcontroller architecture defines unique debug connectors with their size, pincount, and signal layout, an Active Probe Adapter is required to connect the Active Probe to a specific embedded microcontroller. Only debug signals are connected when connected to a target debug connector exposing parallel trace signals and debug signals.

Adapters are available for the following microcontroller architectures:

  • ARM Cortex
  • RISC-V
  • NXP/ST Power Architecture
  • Renesas RH850

iC5 Debug Adapters

There are many options and aspects to be considered when selecting a Debug Adapter. The Cross Table lists all available Debug Adapters & Converters for iC5700 and iC5000 BlueBox.

In the gallery below you will find a small subset of the many Debug Adapters we have available.