Increasingly the relationship between system busses and embedded software execution is becoming more relevant during development, system integration and testing. To bridge this divide, analog and digital signals can be captured and displayed in parallel to the microcontroller code execution domain. An optional SPI activation key enables a user to record and analyze SPI communication. The ADIO Add-on module can be simply attached to a FNet port on iC7max or iC5700 BlueBox to visualize the delays across system software.

  • Correlation of bus data to the application behavior (trace data) over time
  • Capture analog/digital signals and correlate this to trace recordings
  • Show timing information of signals correlated to the program and data trace (showing delays across the system)
  • Generate digital/analog signals to control the target hardware
  • Generate trigger signals for measurement equipment
  • Automate testing with the use of scripting
Technical Data:
Power Consumption


Operating Temperature

10°C to 40°C


100 x 125 x 55 mm

Digital I/O Channels

32, configurable in 8-bit banks as inputs or outputs
Operating voltage 1.66V – 5.4V *
Sampling rate up to 100Mhz *

Analog Input Channels

2 x 12-bit, ±5.0V DC
Input impedance 530kΩ / 8pF
Max. sampling rate 12 MHz

Analog Output Channels

2 x 12-bit, ±5.0V DC
Settling time 250ns
Output drive capability: 35mA and 30pF load

System Testing Capable

With its range of digital and analog inputs, the ADIO Add-on module can capture signal information relevant to your embedded application, displaying the timing relationship of signals against program trace information. However, some development challenges are harder to tackle. By utilizing the digital and analog outputs, it is possible to generate trigger signals for measurement equipment, such as an oscilloscope, or to control the target hardware. When used in conjunction with our winIDEA SDK, it is even possible to develop a competent HIL platform for testing purposes. By utilizing the power of scripting, Python-based scripts can be created and included in Continuous Integration (CI) platforms such as Jenkins. This allows the automated testing of embedded systems potential overnight or at weekends when the BlueBox technology would be lying on the workbench unused.

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