iC5700 Hub

Complexity seemingly knows no bounds - and neither do we, as embedded developers, on a daily basis. To ensure that as much information is available at your fingertips as possible, the iC5700 Hub can be used to increase the number of FNet ports on the iC5700 BlueBox from 1 to 4. Now you can combine our CAN/LIN data capture, analog and digital capture, and control, and debug and trace via our Active Probes, all from one central hardware tool.

Through the FBridge which is added to the iC5700 Hub port run/stop control of two iC5700 can be synchronized. 1m long FBridge (Ethernet alike) cable comes along the Hub and connects to the FBridge port on each iC5700.

The Hub is available to order as an accessory at the time of purchase of an iC5700. If you should later decide to expand the number of FNet ports on your BlueBox, iSYSTEM will happily install this accessory for you at a time of your convenience.

IOM6 Hub fitted to iC5700
IOM6 Hub fitted to two iC5700 connected via the FBridge port

More information regarding the IOM6 Hub and our other accessories can be found in the documentation listed below.

Document Description
iC5700 User Manual User manual for the iC5700, covering start-up, configuration, and usage scenarios