The iC5700 introduces a new technology architecture to future-proof it for debugging and testing of complex embedded systems. The last decade has seen a steady increase in multi-core and multi-processor, system-on-chip (SoC) processing platforms, with the pace of integration being especially pronounced in the automotive industry. Recognizing this trend and its importance, this BlueBox features a new, high performance, internal data bus named FNet.

FNet is an iSYSTEM proprietary bus system and communication protocol. It has been developed for the purpose of analyzing complex systems by connecting and synchronizing one or several iSYSTEM debuggers and their add-on modules.

Technical Data:
Communication interfaces to PC

USB 3.0, 10/100 Ethernet

Debug signal valid input voltage range

1.8V to 5.5V DC

Trace Buffer Size


Trace Bandwidth

up to 250MHz in parallel mode, up to 5Gbps in serial mode

Trace Port Support


FNET Interface

1 (up to 10Gbps), expandable to 4 (IOM6 Hub optional)

Supported Processor Architectures
  • Infineon AURIX™
  • Power Architecture®
  • Renesas RH850
  • ARM® Cortex™-M, Cortex™-A and Cortex™-R
  • ... others

System Debugging Capable

The BlueBox technology provides a single debugging and trace interface (the Debug and Trace Module, short DTM) allowing timing analysis (trace, profiling) and code coverage measurement to be undertaken on single and multi-core applications. With the FNet interface this capability is extended to a much higher and secure trace performance meeting the requirements of today's and future complexity of SoC based systems.

The FNet bus with up to four connectors, enables embedded developers to go beyond the analysis of the inner workings of processors. In fact, the real challenges start when external interfaces and circuitry are also factored in to the equation. Through our range of Input/Output Module (IOM) Accessories  (analogue and digital, as well as serial communication bus systems, such as CAN and LIN) those signals can also be synchronously interleaved with program and data trace information. Thus, powerful insights can be garnered, not only with regard to the execution state of code, but through the entire software-hardware chain; from the issuing task on one processor, through the communication bus, and then out at the receiving task on a second processor.

Naturally all this technology is backed up by our support infrastructure, including Tutorials and technical support to ensure that, whatever you’re building, it gets to market safe and on time.

Continuous Integration infrastructures

iSYSTEM has long-standing experience in implementing automated software testing and using Continuous Integration (CI) in their labs. The iC5700 CI was designed to be implemented in CI test racks with multiple hardware setups and therefore becomes a natural part of the CI infrastructure. 

The CI BlueBox functionalities are accessed over the winIDEA SDK Software Development Kit (SDK) and are licensed on a subscription basis.

Implementing iSYSTEM's BlueBoxes iC5000/iC5700 CI gives globally distributed development and test teams shared access to hardware debugging capabilities within the CI setup. 

CI as a product is the combination of iSYSTEM BlueBox hardware, software, and consulting services on how to set up the hardware and software of a CI infrastructure, unburdening the individual developer from complex hardware setups on their desk.