iC7mini BlueBox

The iC7mini BlueBox is a next-generation platform designed for flashing, debugging, and testing a wide range of embedded microcontroller architectures. It includes multi-core support and a winIDEA SDK supporting all popular programming languages. Additionally, it offers testIDEA unit testing and daqIDEA data acquisition and visualisation tool.

Designed to excel as a debug and test tool, the iC7mini BlueBox is particularly well-suited for scenarios where advanced timing statistics and analysis are deemed unnecessary.

Unlocking new possibilities, the iC7mini BlueBox empowers you to establish cost-effective Continuous Integration (CI) setups, fostering an environment where CI processes accelerate through seamless collaboration across various locations. Tailored for effortless integration into CI test racks, the iC7mini's compact size ensures a harmonious fit. Moreover, its passive cooling system guarantees a quieter working environment, delivering functionality without compromising peace.

Technical Data:
Communication interfaces to PC

USB 3.0, 10/100/1000 Ethernet


113 mm x 113 mm x 45 mm (L x V x H)

Cooling system


Debug signal valid input voltage range

1.8 - 5.0 V (max. 5.5 V)

Trace support

On-Chip trace buffer

TriCore: MCDS and MiniMCDS through DAP debug interface

ARM:  ETB, ETF, MTB through SWD debug interface

Debug performance

Up to 120MHz (depending on a protocol and target design)

Supported Microcontroller Architecture
  • Infineon AURIX™
  • Power Architecture®
  • Renesas RH850
  • ARM® Cortex™-M, Cortex™-A and Cortex™-R
  • RISC-V
  • ... others



Hardware design

Automation and integration

  • Improved debug performance in comparison with previous BlueBox generation
  • Universal approach and easy switching for debugging multiple microcontrollers architectures
  • Standalone CI operation ready
  • Improved remote operation
  • Improved tolerance for poor ECU designs and electrical disturbances
  • Compact size
  • Noise-free operation for a quieter working environment
  • Smooth integration in Continuous Integration test racks
  • USB PD power supply ensuring ease of use
  • SDKs for all popular programming languages
  • Continuous Integration



  • Supporting winIDEA, Eclipse, and Visual Studio Code IDEs
  • Unit testing with testIDEA
  • Data acquisition and visualization with daqIDEA
  • Multi-core debug support
  • Flash programming
  • External / On-chip memory programming
  • Target hold control after Reset
  • Hot attach/detach capable
  • Autonomous data acquisition
  • Time-critical SoC management (Low Power Mode)
  • Target pin/power control


Continuous Integration

The iC7mini BlueBox can become an integral component of the Continuous Integration (CI) infrastructure. The CI BlueBox functionalities are accessed through the open and public winIDEA SDK, along with its corresponding Software Development Kits (SDK), available through subscription licensing.

Implementation of the iC7mini BlueBox provides globally distributed development and test teams with collaborative access to hardware debugging capabilities within the CI setup. The CI product comprises the BlueBox hardware, software, and consulting services, guiding users in establishing a CI infrastructure. This approach relieves individual developers from the complexities of managing hardware setups on their desks.

mDIO port

The mDIO port provides four digital signals, which can interact with the embedded target. Each can be configured either for input or output operation. You can use it as an input trigger, hardware watchdog disable, GPIO pin toggling, and HIL control.  Above all, it is also fully controllable via winIDEA SDK and therefore it can be used for test automation.