Operating Systems

It is often the case with exceptionally complex applications, such as AUTOSAR or RTOS-based, safety critical, multi-core microcontroller automotive systems, that advanced analysis techniques are required to prove functional safety. AUTOSAR applications can be especially challenging, which is why iSYSTEM provides hardware and software that delivers insights that can be imported into 3rd party tools for timing analysis. And for more classical RTOS applications, winIDEA's plug-ins make it possible to visualise tasks easily for a fast overview of what is really going on.

If you have a specific embedded development challenge and are unsure if the iSYSTEM ecosystem can support it, feel free to get in touch. We’d be happy to discuss your exact needs to see if and where we can help.

RTOS Awareness

To provide further insights into the state of real-time operating systems (RTOS), winIDEA provides a range of plug-ins.

Name Supplier Notes
CMX-RTX CMX Features low-latency interrupts, fast context switches and serial communication management
ERIKA ERIKA Enterprise Royalty free, OSEX/VDX certified hard real-time operating system.
freeRTOS freeRTOS Market leading RTOS and de-facto standard for microcontroller applications.
MQX NXP Tightly integrated 32-bit RTOS poured into a small, configurable footprint.
QNX Neutrino QNX Software Systems The QNX Neutrino RTOS is a full-featured and robust OS that scales down to meet the constrained resource requirements of realtime embedded systems.
rcX Hilscher Targeted at Hilcher's netX, rcX is tuned for performance in small to medium sized applications.
RTX Keil Royalty-free, deterministic RTOS designed for ARM and Cortex-M devices.
SAFERTOS Wittenstein Based upon freeRTOS, this is a safety certified RTOS that is pre-certified for dependability.
Sciopta Sciopta Pre-emptive kernel focused on small size and excellent real-time performance.
ThreadX Express Logic Advanced RTOS designed for deeply embedded, real-time and IoT applications.


If you require further help to understand how iSYSTEM's software and BlueBox On-Chip Analyzers can be used in combination with these 3rd party RTOS applications, why not get in touch using the contact link on the right.