Testing & Scripting

Are you a software tester and you require a comprehensive and agile assessment of your software?

You can achieve effective testing only with a clear Test specification. For this task you can use testIDEA which provides input parameters and expected outcomes for each function or method to be tested.

Automate testing and report generation via winIDEA SDK

There is no need to use the testIDEA GUI! 

Ease your software development processes using winIDEA SDK supporting a variety of programming languages and control all aspects of winIDEA and testIDEA.

Execute tests on a real hardware without code instrumentation

Tests can run without compilation, linking and download. No test drivers are needed and therefore no additional resources are used on the target system.

Simplify your processes with Continuous Integration!

Continuous Integration (CI) tools, such as Jenkins, make it possible to check out code from a repository, build it, and automatically test it, saving the results for later review.

Implement Continuous Integration solution with dedicated hardware iC5700 CI and iC5000 CI in your software development!