Automation API

Graphical user interfaces enable an easy method to interact with software. However, sometimes a required feature is simply not available or a repetitive task is awkward to use. For cases such as these, we make our isystem.connect Software Development Kit (SDK) available, supporting a variety of programming languages.

This application programming interface (API) makes almost the entire range of features provided by our software, such as winIDEA, its Analyzer and testIDEA, and the capabilities of our hardware development tools, such as our BlueBox technology and their IOM accessories.

By far the most popular programming language is Python, for which there is native support within winIDEA. This means that Python scripts can be executed directly from the menu interface of winIDEA when required. In many ways, this can be considered a way of extending the GUI to meet your needs.

Other languages, such as C++, and bindings to MATLAB, are also commonly used as part of more complex hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) setups. In such cases, isystem.connect can be used to program the target microcontroller, acquire code coverage data, or even interrogate the microcontroller during run-time as part of the overall testing strategy.

The isystem.connect package is included as part of the standard winIDEA download, or can be downloaded separately. It is supported by a comprehensive help file and a wide range of example scripts to get you started. And, if you ever want to generate your own examples, many of winIDEA’s visual interfaces support the generation of scripts that can load registers, variables of memory with user-defined values.

If you require further help to understand how the isystem.connect SDK could best support the development of your application, and which BlueBox On-Chip Analyzer best suites your target microcontroller, why not get in touch using the contact link on the right.

Link Description
isystem.connect Brochure Get an overview about the iSYSTEM Automation API
winIDEA Download Download the latest verified build of isystem.connect with support for Python as part of the winIDEA downlaod to start building safer embedded systems.
isystem.connect SDK Download Want to use isystem.connect in a language other than Python? Then take a look at the download page here.
isystem.connect Help Not sure how to create a link to your BlueBox using the Python API? The online help provides the answers.


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