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Automation API

Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) are widely established and an easy method for humans to interact with software. However, sometimes repetitive tasks performed over the GUI become tedious and time consuming. Further, when certain tasks need to be automated or just triggered by another third party software, GUI can no longer address all the requirements. For these winIDEA Software Development Kit (SDK) steps in providing a vast set of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) supporting a variety of programming languages (Python, Java, C#, MATLAB).

Control all aspects of winIDEA

The SDK exposes almost the entire range of features provided by our software, such as winIDEA, its Analyzer and testIDEA, and the capabilities of our hardware development tools, such as our BlueBox products, Active Probes and IOM accessories.

Automate unit testing

iSYSTEM provides a user-friendly GUI tool called testIDEA for software on-target testing, however, when test automation and advanced functionality is required, scripting is the answer!

winIDEA test SDK is a unit test API built on top of the winIDEA SDK classes, which can create unit tests, run them on a target, and provide test results. This way it provides additional functionality for software testing.

Script with Python

By far the most popular programming language is Python, for which there is a native support within winIDEA. Through Python you can access and control winIDEA via the winIDEA SDK module, which can be easily downloaded from the Python Package Index (PyPI) server. In addition, Python scripts can be executed directly from the menu interface of winIDEA when required. In many ways, this can be considered as a way of extending the GUI to meet your needs.

Other languages, and bindings to MATLAB are also commonly used as part of more complex hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) setups. In such cases, winIDEA SDK can be used to program the target microcontroller, acquire code coverage data, or even interrogate the microcontroller during run-time as part of the overall testing scenarios and strategy.

Ease your workflow with examples

winIDEA SDK is supported by a comprehensive User’s Guide and a wide range of Python example scripts to get you started. Python examples are available for various actions, e.g., Debug Control, Trace, Profiler, FNet, winIDEA control and options etc.

If you ever want to generate your own examples, winIDEA and testIDEA visual interfaces support the generation of scripts that can load registers, variables of memory with user-defined values.

Boost your software development with Continuous Integration

winIDEA SDK allows you to automate every step of the configuration process and manipulate the target the same way as using the interactive winIDEA GUI. This is especially useful for the purposes of Continuous Integration (CI) which is becoming increasingly popular in the embedded world. iSYSTEM offers a CI solution with dedicated iC5700 CI and iC5000 CI hardware placed in test racks, which gives dislocated development and test teams shared access to hardware debugging capabilities within the CI setup.


The winIDEA SDK package is included as part of the standard winIDEA download or can be downloaded separately.