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Software Test Tool

What if there was a way to run automated unit, integration and system tests directly on your code base from a continuous integrated environment?


There is a way with testIDEA!

Everything about testIDEA is tuned to make it easy to integrate a testing stage into your software development process. You can test your code with no instrumentation, perform real-time testing executed on a real target hardware and automate everything with scripting.

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Start testing quickly with a user-friendly GUI - testIDEA

Test case specifications syntax is hidden behind a user-friendly interface which enables creating and running test cases without writing a single line of code.

Tests are saved in the industry-standard YAML format. Such files can then be submitted to your code repository.

Execute tests on a real hardware without code instrumentation

Test environment corresponds as close as possible to the target environment, therefore no code modifications and no additional memory requirements are required.

Perform unit, integration and system tests

testIDEA is focused on unit testing, where individual C functions or the methods of C++ classes are tested to see if they operate as designed. However, the power of this test automation tool and interface is not limited to unit testing only.

Build flexible test environments with Python scripts

Reuse test specifications created with testIDEA in a scripting environment. Generate Python scripts and execute them as part of a Continuous Integration tool such as Jenkins! If your test cases become complex, you can extend the test functionality with Python Script Extension Points.

Automate testing using free winIDEA SDK

Integrate your software development processes with winIDEA SDK and expand the operation area of iSYSTEM test technology.

Get testIDEA

All features of testIDEA are included in every winIDEA – it’s simply an integral part of our tool offering.

And, to help you quickly get started, we even have comprehensive tutorials available. So, if you’re going to build embedded systems, we will help enable them to be safer.

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