Profiler Packages

Profiler Packages enable you to evaluate the capabilities of the winIDEA Analyzer in less than seven minutes. We provide a couple of Profiler Packages for different AUTOSAR Operating Systems and Architectures.

Currently, iSYSTEM provides the following four packages:
  • EB tresos AutoCore
  • Vector MICROSAR TC399XE Inspectors
  • Vector MICROSAR TC399XE Instrumentation

Please choose the package that matches the Operating System you are using. Do not worry if you use a different microcontroller, as the configuration steps for the OS are mostly independent of the target architecture. 

There are currently two packages for the Vector MICROSAR Operating System. We recommend the Instrumentation-package for most cases. However, if you have an Infineon AURIX first- or second-generation microcontroller (TC2xx or TC3xx) with Emulation Device, you can profile OS Task states without instrumentation. In that case, you can select the Inspectors package. 

If you want to record Runnable information for the Vector MICROSAR Operating System, use the Instrumentation-package. The only case in which you can record Runnables without instrumentation is if you have a high-speed serial interface like AURORA AGBT on Infineon AURIX microcontrollers. Even in such cases program-flow based Runnable tracing has limitations and instrumentation is mostly the preferred approach.

Profiler Package includes:
  • winIDEA workspace with a pre-recorded example trace
  • the source, ORTI, and configuration files, necessary to understand the steps to get such a trace, are also part of the Package.


How to Execute a Profiler Package

 1. Make sure you use a recent version of winIDEA.
It should be a 9.21 release. If you do not have a winIDEA installation, you can download it for free from our homepage. 

 2. Edit the script.
To run the Profiler Package, you first need to edit the run_package.bat script. Edit the script and point the winidea_path variable in line three to your winIDEA installation: 
set winidea_path="C:\iSYSTEM\winIDEA(x64)9_21_14_119641" 

 3. Run the script.
After you have edited the script, you can run it by double-clicking the batch file. The script will print the different configuration steps it does and eventually the winIDEA Analyzer will open with a full OS and RTE example trace.

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