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We are a manufacturer of software development and test tools for embedded software and assists customers on solving daily challenges in these areas. The product spectrum ranges from simple debuggers to extensive software analysis tools.

To share this knowledge, we host software and hardware projects on GitHub. In addition, iSYSTEM is actively contributing to these Open Source projects: 

  • Doxygen
    We've improved pages with Python examples to make copy-pasting of the code more convenient.
  • SWIG
    Our employee has participated in a task related to converting of
    Doxygen code documentation in C/C++ header files to Java and Python code documentation.

You can find all iSYSTEM Open Source projects on iSYSTEM GitHub.


GitHub Project Description Documentation

  • daqIDEA is a very simple tool for data sampling and presentation.
  • Data is acquired by connecting to winIDEA and creating a configuration for multiple variables with different sampling periods.
  • It supports multiple charts that can each display data from multiple variables.
  • Data can also be viewed in a table of all acquired values.
daqIDEA Help

  • emuSync is an application that provides synchronous operation of multiple winIDEA instances.
  • Supported synchronous operations are: open/close workspaces, attach/detach, run/stop execution, download and reset.
  • Master/slave mode is supported, where stopping master workspace causes all slave workspaces to stop.
  • Hooks attached to each operation are supported (i.e. executing Python script when CPU is stopped).
emuSync Help

  • testIDEA is an interactive editor for creating and running unit tests.
  • Test cases are executed on the real hardware or simulator without code instrumentation.
  • Tracing, profiling and code coverage analysis can be part of test cases.
testIDEA Help


GitHub Project Description
STM32 Nucleo-144 Debug and Trace Adapter

STM32 Nucleo 144 Piggy back board exposing debug and trace signals via standard CoreSight 20-pin connector.

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